Conquer Fear Of Water - Book

Conquer Your Fear of Water Book

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Answers to every question you have about learning to feel safe and at ease in water, shallow and deep.

This is a comprehensive book about how to overcome fear and learn to swim. It starts at the true beginning and skips no steps.

Learning to swim and learning strokes are two different things. Learning to swim --to rely on yourself for your safety in deep water-- comes before learning to swim efficiently (strokes). If you have fear in shallow or deep water, learning strokes is not your next step. Strokes are not covered in this book. First things first! Learning to swim lays the foundation for learning strokes the next time you try.

This system will no doubt become the way swimming is taught to adults.

300 pages, 200 photos and diagrams.

Do you want to rely on yourself for your safety rather than on the bottom or the side of the pool? The ocean? To learn to swim, you need to build trust in yourself in the water. You need to know you won't inhale water, that the water holds you up, and that you can remain in control with ease. Do you believe you'd "lose it" in deep water? Have you been told you should float horizontally? To blow bubbles before you were comfortable putting your face in water? Learn how your body and the water work together. The key to confidence in deep water is understanding how the water works; not strokes. Strokes are the choreography of swimming to be learned after you're confident.

Innovation? This is it! Our 5000 students and 63 instructors worldwide ask, "Why isn't this the way all swimming is taught?" Unlike other swimming books, Dash breaks down confidence-building, which is conquering fear, into its smallest steps. They make sense. Finally, success is yours. Take the easy, fun way. With the basics of learning to be in control, and myth-busting games to teach you what your swimmer-friends and neighbors know about the water, you'll learn to swim the natural way. Get the answers to all your learn-to-swim questions in our book for less than the cost of your next swimming lesson. Bundle the book with the DVD for savings.

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"Just want you to know how much your book gave me confidence to get back in the water again. Slowly, step by step, I spent last summer learning how to enjoy the water. Your reassuring words gave me the patience I needed and the acceptance that whatever stage I was at was ok, as long as I was having fun. And it was fun. By the end of the summer I was doing things I never thought I'd be able to do. And now, though the warm weather's over, I'll probably get myself to the pool a few times just to make sure I'm not dreaming--that I actually could go into the deep end of the pool and, most importantly, choose to do it because I enjoyed it! Thanks so much."
-Phyllis Tashlik, NYC

"Truly amazing. Brilliant."
-Numerous readers

May 9, 2013

I have so much to say, but really quickly, I am now jumping into 12 feet of water, treading water, and doing freestyle strokes in the deep! You have helped me so much!! A million hugs to you!! You have written such a detailed step-by-step instruction manual for swimming that I believe every swim instructor should have it. I have just ordered my swim instructor your book through Amazon. He indicated to me that he used one of the techniques that I used to get myself comfortable in the water with another student and she made progress with her swimming.

Once again, thank you!