Sarasota, FL April 2017


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Sandcastle Beach Resort
1540 Ben Franklin Rd.
Lido Key
Sarasota, FL 34236
April 22-May 5, 2017

April 22 - May 5, 2017
Take the online training first. Then attend the 11-day Hands-on Training which includes both the Miracle Swimming Beginning and Next Step classes (24 hours each). There is classroom time every day of the training. This prepares you to be 100% successful with afraid adult students. Your teaching of children will be significantly enhanced as well.

The training (actually 13 with days off) begins with dinner at 6 p.m. on Day 1, a Saturday, and ends two Fridays later. The first week includes observation of the Miracle Swimming Beginning class for adults afraid in and out of the water plus 15-18 hours of instructor classroom time. The second week is participation in the Next Step class sessions with students, plus 30-45 minutes of classroom time on each of the last 5 days. There are about 1.5 days off between the two halves of the training.

This is the best available preparation in the world today (and as far as we know, the only preparation) for teaching adults safety, freedom, confidence, comfort, and swimming anywhere in a pool. The system works in the ocean, as well as anywhere else.

Our book and DVD are included in the training fee if you don't have them already. They will be shipped within 3 days of your registration as long as you already have an established teaching venue and schedule of classes.

Total number of days/nights of the training is 13 days, 13 nights.

Indicate choice of hands-on training location and dates in subsequent communication or Comments field at Checkout.
See the rest of the Refund Policy here. Agree to it to register.
The training length has increased by one day though the price has remained the same. Instructor graduates are grateful for the extra time.

The April, 2017 trainings will be held at:

Sandcastle Beach Hotel
1540 Ben Franklin Rd.
Lido Key
Sarasota, FL 34236
All must stay at the class location, Sandcastle Beach Hotel

More Details

Read our book, Conquer Your Fear of Water, and see our DVD before taking the hands-on training. They teach the information you'll be teaching afraids when you give Miracle Swimming classes. You'll receive a separate Instructor Handbook in class covering how to teach afraids. Allow time to digest these.


$75 for referring an afraid student who attends the Beginning class. Enter students' names in the Comments field during Checkout. Upon Student registration, you will receive the credit.