Do the Math

Compare: Five Local "Y"s

  • 30 to 45 minute lessons, chilly water
  • 4 to 8 lessons in 4 to 8 weeks
  • 2-6 hours
  • $8.50 to $33/hour
  • No formal training in how to teach afraid adults

Miracle Swimming

  • 3-hour lessons, warm water
  • 8 lessons in 5 days or 3 weeks
  • 24 hours
  • $43.54-$64.38/hour
  • Miracle Swimming system to teach afraid adults, an infallible system since 1983

How many times have you taken swimming lessons? Our students tell us that when they leave their traditional classes, they feel something is missing. Often, they're relieved when the lessons end. They didn't learn what they expected. Sometimes they don't finish lessons. They don't see how the lessons could lead them where they want to go.

Tally the hours, the dollars, the years, the uncertainty, and the commuting time. Have you wondered if you were just not meant to swim? Has it been frustrating? Discouraging?

These feelings are costly. What is the dollar value of your frustration, self-doubt, and the years of not swimming? What is the cost of being unsafe each year? What is the cost to your family? What is the value of being able to swim? Of success? Of enjoying vacations and outings with family and friends?

Make Gains in Every Class

"Glacially slow" progress in conventional lessons is probably better than no progress at all. But learning can be much more inspired and efficient. If your confidence doesn't grow, skills won't be learned: they will be "here today and gone tomorrow," especially in deep water. If you've taken lessons locally and you don't feel you're on the right path, money and energy are going down the drain. It doesn't feel right and you're correct. Put your attention and money into something that works every time and works for all.

You could be receiving dividends on your course fees in every class, every single day. And once you know how to swim, the dividends keep coming.

Return on Your Investment: More Confidence in the Shallow and Deep...
and on Land

After your lessons at your local pool, how much closer are you to comfort in deep water? In shallow water? Can you rely on yourself for your safety rather than on the bottom and the side? Is having these things worth a few thousand dollars? How about $59 on our book and DVD? If you could get rid of the self-doubt, the sense of wasting time, the frustration and discouragement, would it be worth ~$1500 or about $3000 with travel? What are your comfort and safety worth? Depending on where you live, $3000 would pay for your air fare, hotel, course, food, and rental car for our 5-day class. Invest in a class that gives you instant, huge, tangible returns! You can learn a lot from our book and DVD, too, without class!

We want you to be happy. We want you to know what you're getting and why what we offer is in another league than what you've tried. We make it easier for you by giving you a money-back guarantee AND by offering our nominally-priced book and DVD so you can decide for yourself whether we have something new.


Prices depend on location and proximity to an instructor.

Beginning and Next Step classes:

$1295 in Sarasota, FL

$1450 in Austin, TX

$1545 in NYC

$1450 in Palm Springs, CA

$1395 in San Francisco

Leave Class Each Day Knowing More

Get sensible answers to questions you've always had about the water and how to be at ease in it. Learn how the water works, at last. Feel as though you're finally on the right path.


At Miracle Swimming, every word and every message make sense. Get answers to questions you've had for years. Heal your fear rather than managing it, pushing it aside and performing on top of it.

If you'd taken lessons that worked the first time, you could have been swimming all these years. Happily! Now, that would have saved you a lot of money, time, and energy.

The solution is Miracle Swimming. "It cannot and does not fail," a Berkeley chemist said. "Infallible," said a New York business owner. Satisfaction guaranteed. Read students' comments here.

Someday, all swimming lessons will be taught the Miracle Swimming way.

Listen to The Learn To Swim Show and learn why.

Read our book and see our DVD and learn why.

"It's worth the risk. It's worth the money. It's life-changing. Are you kidding? I'm your cheerleader!"

— Linda Morris, CA

"It's the best. It's what you've been searching for. Just do it!! Watch the video. Take a mini-class."

— Anonymous, CA

"If it weren't for your swimming classes for adults who fear water, I probably would have passed up swimming in this lifetime. My deep gratitude for you and your classes. Thank you!"

— Kathi Gonzales, San Francisco