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Miracle Swimming

"The best teaching I've ever seen."

Helenita Jacobs Northwest Director, Total ImmersionMiracle Swimming Licensed Instructor Seattle, WA and Bozeman, MT
"Now that I'm a Miracle Swimming instructor, all the guesswork is gone from teaching afraid adults. I can now say I'm an expert."

Chris Canaday Discovery Swim School, Columbus, OH Miracle Swimming Licensed Instructor

"I am humbled and awed."

Nancy Haynsworth American Red Cross Instructor Trainer U.S. Navy/Airforce Joint Base, Charleston, SC Miracle Swimming Trained Instructor

The moment a student overcomes fear of deep water, s/he knows how to swim.

In fact, overcoming fear and learning to swim are the same thing.

Why is Miracle Swimming needed in your town?

At least half the world's population is afraid in water. Those who are not afraid can be successful with traditional lessons: that system is working for half the world. For the other half, we need an explosion in the number of classes for people who are afraid who have never been served as a population with the exception of one or two swim schools that have specialized, such as Miracle Swimming. In the case of afraid adults, a different system from the traditional must be used in order for them to succeed. A massive population— 109 million adults in the U.S., alone— needs Miracle Swimming or something like it in order to become safe in deep water (learn to swim). Without both teaching systems, we leave half the world unsafe. To make it possible for every person to be reliable for his/her safety in pools, at the beach, in storms, in boats—we need to face the fact as a body of professionals that adults who are afraid in water commonly quit swimming lessons, and instructors don't really know why. To solve this problem, we must look at it from a new angle: the students'. Miracle Swimming provides that angle, virtually 100% successful for 34 years, and remains unparalleled.

As three instructors so powerfully put it,
  • "My students are suffering from what I don't know." - Sharon Powers, Powers Swimming, West Palm Beach, FL

  • "How do we get Miracle Swimming to the masses? My apologies to the thousands we've taught the old way." - John T., Dallas, Texas

  • "I always wondered why some of my students just weren't getting it. Now I understand: I just wasn't teaching it!" - MaryAnn Bein, Blue Water Swim School, Piscataway, NJ

What will your new skills be as a Miracle Swimming Instructor?

  • Understand what adult non-swimmers really want to know
  • Create an atmosphere in class that's most conducive to fun, efficient learning, which brings people back for more until they've learned all they want to know
  • Be successful with every single student
  • Get your students to relax consistently and form a habit of ease in the water
  • Teach adult non-swimmers how to be free and peaceful in deep water
  • Have a grounded, sensible, true answer to every question adults ask about LTS
  • Have a system that cannot fail, that has never once failed in 34 years and over 5000 students, that you can stand behind with utter confidence
  • Be able to motivate your students to practice and look forward to it
  • Have a money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Convey the nuts and bolts of relaxation and control in water and how to get there: it's not about telling people to relax! It's not about physical skills. It is very simple. It can be found by clicking here. If you agree with that page, and you want to help adults learn to swim, you could be a fit to become a Miracle Swimming Instructor.
  • Show students that though they think freestyle or learning to breathe is their next step in LTS, first they actually need to understand how the water works with their bodies and be able to remain in control. THEN, they can learn strokes. You, as an instructor trainee, may undergo a transformation to learn that, yourself!

Defining the Problem: What is missing from most swimming lessons for fearful adults today?

1. Instructors and students believe that knowing how to swim means knowing strokes.

2. Instructors and students believe that learning strokes helps adults to overcome their fear of water.

3. Students do not feel heard when they say, “Yes, I can stroke, but I don’t feel I can swim because I’m still afraid in the deep end.”

4. Students don't feel safe. Fear and panic are not discussed.

5. Students panic in class.

6. Students who quit are not asked why.

7. Students don't love their lessons.

8. Instructors think that if THEY think a student is safe, it's more important than the student's feeling safe.

9. Students leave class wondering if something is wrong with them.

Our 21st century system of teaching has ushered in a new era of teaching power and effectiveness.

Learn to Be a Miracle Swimming Instructor

Bring these safety essentials to Swimming in your community:

  1. An infallible series of steps of learning to swim that cannot fail and which speeds up learning for all students
  2. Increased participation in all swimming sports
  3. New possibilities for water safety
  4. The steps of healing fear, as opposed to managing fear
  5. A new paradigm of learning applicable to any learning
  6. Empowerment of swim instructors to succeed with all students
  7. Keeping pools open by increasing the number of people who love swimming

Could those be helpful to you?

"Just like MasterCard...priceless." -Mary Anne Bein, New Jersey swim school owner of Blue Water Swim

" It is completely the opposite of what traditional training represents. If I had only read about this system and not witnessed it several times over, I would be skeptical as to its success. I have always been pushed, and have been taught to do the same thing in order to produce results. No amount of "pushing" can produce the results that your system does in any of the swimmers I have seen through this program."

-Ian Thorburn, Dallas, TX, Trainee

Instructor FAQ Here

The information required to be virtually 100% successful as an instructor of beginning adults is found in the Conquer Fear Instructor Training.

All of our licensees agree: The Conquer Fear Instructor Training is information every swim instructor in the world should know. This is what you need to empower adults in your community to overcome fear and learn to swim. Overcoming fear of deep water IS learning to swim. We think you'll agree: our 60 licensed instructors worldwide are likely more successful than all traditional instructors combined in terms of consistently and reliably producing adults who are safe in deep water. You'll see why.

6 Day Training: Online Training Plus 6 Days, Hands-on Training: to be followed by second half of Hands-on Training at your earliest convenience

Online plus 6 days Hands-on: $1999 Eight CEUs (Continuing Education Units) available from the University of Maine for the online and the 6-day Hands-on trainings together: add $115. Your password is good for three months, so you can start early and have plenty of time to complete and review the online training before you arrive.

11 Day Training: Online Plus 11 Days, Hands-on

Online training, plus the 11 days of Hands-on during our Beginning and Next Step classes for adults afraid in water, $1999. See the entire transformation from afraid-to-get-face-wet to freedom in the deep.

Eleven CEUs (Continuing Education Units) available from the University of Maine for completing the Online and Hands-on 11-day Trainings: add $215.

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Instructor Richard Schwarzenberger is a graduate of MS Beginning, Next Step, and Freestyle classes, himself. Seven MS